B+S Black Waterless HE Steamer

The B+S Black series waterless heat exchange (HE) steamer reduces water consumption in cooking operations such as yum cha and rice roll steaming. It is designed without the need for water deck cooling while ensuring that the exposed surface temperatures are kept to a minimum, preventing deck buckling. Meanwhile, heavy duty stainless steel frame construction durability and a long appliance lifespan.

The unit incorporates a concealed water-boiling chamber that is automatically filled as required. This not only eliminates the possibility of inadvertently leaving  water taps on, but also ensures that no more water than is needed for cooking is consumed. Steam generated from within the chamber is released into the steamer tray cooking area via a steam vent located on top of the appliance.

Using 15% less gas than other steamers on the market, the HE steamer is highly efficient while still providing excellent steaming performance. Water boils in less than 20 minutes from an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, while water consumption is reduced by up to 100 litres per hour.

Features and Benefits

  • AISI 304 grade stainless steel
  • Stronger supply of steam than conventional yum cha steamers
  • Water consumption reduced by up to 100 litres per hour
  • Cabinet mounted stainless steel exterior & interior
  • Lever handle gas control
  • Overheat safety device to prevent tank dry-boil
  • Piezo ignition and flame failure as standard
  • More efficient and lower gas consumption than traditional yum cha steamers
  • Water comes to boil in less than 20 minutes from ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius

Optional Extras

  • Cheung fun insert
YCJSF-1HE 700 900 1300 88 85
CFPSF-1HE 700 900 1300 88 85