Commercial Grade Restaurant Steamers

The B+S Waterless HE Steamer is available in two ranges- VERRO and B+S Black.

These units have been developed without the need for water deck cooling. A continuous supply of water is ensured by use of an auto refill system. This not only eliminates time constrained chefs being able to inadvertently leave the water taps on, but also ensures only water that is needed for cooking is consumed.

The VERRO Waterless HE Steamer comes with a 24 month warranty and the B+S Black Waterless HE Steamer comes with an 18 month warranty.

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Product Range


B+S Waterless HE Steamers

The B+S Black series Yum Cha and Rice Roll steamers have been developed without the need for water deck cooling whilst ensuring that the exposed surface temperatures are kept to a minimum and the deck of the appliance will not buckle. 


The Verro premium fusion series waterless heat exchange steamer delivers the best in quality, performance and flexibility. Offering a point of difference in the marketplace the energy efficient steamer is driven by an 88MJ jet burner ensuring that strong steam supply is available during peak periods.