About Us

B&S Commercial Kitchens is an Australian family owned business which began manufacturing commercial cooking units in the late 1950's. B&S have over time designed and developed a product range which consists of some 40 standard units. Standardised products are, however, the exception as most units can be modified, or even whole new specifications met for a particular kitchen. B&S have established an excellent reputation in the Asian market and currently manufactures a wide range of cookers, including the sophisticated Hi Pac Wok Cooker that can cook a fresh meal in just 45 seconds.

B&S also caters for European and Fast Food kitchens. From unique oven designs, to energy efficient turbo fryers, B&S is constantly seeking to develop better combinations of gas burners with unit designs.

The B&S success can be attributed to flexibility, in-house production facilities and foresight in their market. These have established the company as a supplier of reliable and quality appliances to all food markets. This foresight was no more prominent than in the development of the waterless wok, steamer and stock pot cookers. Due to increased awareness of water conservation and Australia's problem with lack of rainfall, B&S introduced an environmental footprint that enabled restaurateurs to save on water usage.B&S were the first Australian manufacturer to develop and produce a waterless range. The Waterless range uses substantially less water than conventional units which in the long term has saved restaurateurs significant amounts of money and in turn has had a positive effect on Australia's water supply. This clearly demonstrates B&S's initiative, understanding of market requirements and ultimately their leadership in the Food & Beverage market. It is for these reasons B&S has been involved in many government backed waterless wok programs. Looking to the future, B&S aims to become a totally green company by only manufacturing ranges that are environmentally positive.

B&S plans to maintain the highest quality standards through its ongoing research and development both locally and overseas. This will help to achieve continual improvement to existing products as well as search the world for the best new products the market has to offer.